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S’Mall Business Spotlight – The Paisley Lily Boutique

Throughout the month of November, Salmon Run Mall is spotlighting our local businesses this holiday – our small business owners who provide the community with specialty products and services!  Be sure to check out over 20 specialty retailers during the holidays and beyond at Salmon Run Mall!  Check back here each week for our S’Mall Business Spotlight!

Then join Salmon Run Mall S’Mall Businesses on Saturday, November 27th for S’Mall Business Saturday and learn more about the products and services they offer as they will be available all day with special deals, incentives and they will be able to speak one-on-one with their customers.

The Paisley Lily Boutique

The Paisley Lily is one of our newest additions to the center, and what a great little addition it is!   Not your grandma’s boutique!  Trendy clothing, alcohol infused food and treats, sassy accessories, hilarious gifts and a whole lot of cuss words.  This boutique is not for the faint of heart, but is for people who want delicious imported foods, great clothes and a whole lot of laughs.  This boutique is different in that it offers a men’s line of hygeine, beard care products, soaps, hot sauces, treats and more.  Products are ordered through vendors that are out of state and even from other countries, in some cases.  Then, due to zip code protection, other places in Watertown aren’t allowed to carry those exact products, which makes everything in the store unique to the area.

Kendra Hamilton, owner and operator of The Paisley Lily Boutique, started her venture in February 2020, after word that her current employer would be downsizing, possibly leaving her without a job.  After some research, Kendra signed on with a landlord in Sackets Harbor, NY and no shortly afterwards had to close down due to covid mandates issued by the state.  From March until May, the boutique just did curbside and online orders until businesses were allowed to reopen.  After about a year in the Sackets location, they felt they needed to spread their wings and needed to expand, so after looking a couple of other options in Watertown for a store, spoke with Salmon Run Mall leasing and found a great spot, perfect for their store.

The Paisley Lily Boutique was names after Kendra’s two cats, Paisley and Lily.  The boutique has donated to various charities over the past couple of years, and also helps out with Toys for Tots, campaigns and other non profit organizations.  Kendra’s advice to anyone getting into business…”Research your products extensively.  What sells the product is the great story behind it.”

Be sure to visit the Paisley Lily this holiday for your gift giving, special occasion purchases, or just to check them out.  Bring the hubby or boyfriend, too – he can chill on the sofa while you are shopping!  They are located next to Perfection Nails and are open mall hours.


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